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posted by brwyatt on April 22, 2013

Well... My server's primary system drive decided to develop a hugely large number of bad blocks. If you don't know what that is, the short answer is that a large part of the harddrive decided to simply stop working. There was dataloss. There was pain. There was frustration. It was terrible.

BUT! I managed to recover from a backup from 2012-12-20. The majority of important data was all on my RAID5 array, but this does mean that some configs were lost. Fortunately, this largely effects only me.

It looks like my BRGE and BadScience builds are intact (though probably pointed to the wrong repos), but my build for Bitcoin Access is gone. But email, MySQL, etc are all back up... and that's what matters for now. But I guess the rest of that goes on my "TODO" list... again.

On the bright side, I learned something totally awesome you can do with LVM2. PVMOVE. It didn't help in this case (the drive was too far dead and causing the CPU to get locked up with IOWaits), but holycrap. The whole concept of "oh, yeah, we can just copy all this data to another drive, sync them up, then stop using the old one and effectively move the partition to another drive" is just incredible. I love learning all the impossible things you can do on Linux that you just simply CAN'T do on Windows or OSX.

But anyway... I should probably get some sleep before REAL work tomorrow. But if anyone was wondering where the hell my server was this weekend... that should answer it.

posted by brwyatt on February 13, 2012

To get the boring stuff out of the way, I've updated the homepage text and the about page text to have some amount of better information on it, but haven't done anything more than that. Should probably have the most recent blog post showing on the home page, though... Maybe next update...

But, on a more important/personal note... I've been looking at apartments lately. Parents have pretty much said that I need to move out and have given June as the general time that it will be done. This isn't entirely a bad thing, and I suppose I kinda needed that push. I just need to secure things down at work and get that all settled. But I think I have a place all picked out, it is nice, simple, and they offer Verizon FiOS for Internet access, so I can still have super fast Internet at the new place.

So things are looking up, and I'm moving on and at the edge of starting MY LIFE. I have a job doing things I'm interested in (even though it can be stressful at times, but that isn't always a bad thing), I'm preparing to move out to my own place, and it is looking like school is no longer an issue or source of stress in my life. I realized yesterday that this has been the moment I've been waiting for, things have been coming together and I just have to take a couple more steps to get to the edge, but it is right there, within my reach, and it is exciting. Scary, sure... but exciting. I mean, I'm not thrilled about paying bills, but there is something to be said about manaing your own life, even if it means you have to deal with the shitty things like taxes and bills. So, in a way, I'm even excited about paying bills, because it will be MY electricity, MY water, MY Internet, MY phone, MY car.

Like I said: scary, but exciting.

posted by brwyatt on January 25, 2012

... except me!

I have now implemented User Roles! So what the hell does that mean? This is part of my plans to eventually have open registration, possibly to require registration (and email verification) for comments (to prevent spam). This is just the first step toward that goal. I will still need to implement registration pages, and possibly the email-verification mechanism (at the very least implement this so I can enable it later if needed), and then implement requiring an account to post comments (and possibly the ability to turn that on/off in the site config).

Other reasons why I want to have open registration: Jabber. While I've been having problems getting ejabberd to authenticate against the site's MySQL database, I still plan to get that going, and I want people to be able to use it. It seems that ejabberd's external authentication is... somewhat awkward. Instead of calling a script when authentication is needed, it requires the script to sit in an infinite loop and accept input via stdin. I had something that was working for a little while (except that it would crash after a few hours, and the server would reject incoming connections), but in trying to fix that, the script doesn't work at all anymore.

I also (unrelated to logins) want to get the server stats to be a little prettier, and include graphs for things like bandwidth and CPU load. This is more for my benefit, or anyone crazy enough to care.(But, I mean, I did just reach 5TiB of uploaded data to the Internet over 7 months, that's cool, right? RIGHT?). I'm not sure how I will accomplish this task, I might end up running a script (or application?) as a service on my server, but we will see.

Hopefully, I'll get more work done on this site to benefit others at some point...


Added in some basic page hit logging. Should be able to gather useful statistics about what browsers are used, and what pages are accessed, and when. While it isn't so important now while no one really uses my site, it should be useful later. Should be able to generate some interesting statistics with the data later on. Just something I threw together in a few minutes.

posted by brwyatt on January 14, 2012

Yeah, yeah... another one...

This was just a quick one I wanted to get out there because it was one of the features I used a LOT on my old version of the site: The link shortener. Sure it ain't as short as links, but it is a LOT shorter than some of those huge and ugly long links some sites have.

So going to the Link Shortener item above takes you to a page that can generate a link to just about anything you want, and puts it in the form of or for safe links (which is the default) I don't have it showing the titles yet on the preview page, but this is fine for now.

If you want to use this link shortener from scripts (such as from an IRC or chat client) sending a URL to will give you back the id to put as the id for the link (where the '1' is in the examples above) so you can choose if you wish to use safe links or not, http or https (or even .com or .net!), etc. Just remember to escape the ampersand (&) by encoding it to %26! All other characters should work fine, but it never hurts to escape other characters too!

So I think that is all for now. I want to work on accounts next, make account classes, open up registration, tie Jabber into the account management here as well... we shall see, though!

posted by brwyatt on January 13, 2012


Well, okay, that isn't really fair, though. I guess being the first post when you are the only one who can post (and the only one who even cares) isn't really much of a challenge.

Either way! I've decided to push the new site a little early, so here are some things that are broken: Jabber and Minecraft pages do no exist (Minecraft dynmap might actually still work, though), and link shortener is temporarily gone.

Next on the list is fixing the link shortener so that it will work again, might be at another URL, though I might make it work at the same URL as before, we will see. Same URL would probably be best, though.

Anyway, it is late, and I should probably be getting my ass in bed. I do have to wake up in 6 hours to go to work, after all!