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posted by brwyatt on September 22, 2013

Well... two things happened that lead up to Captchas:

  1. I got tired of having to go through and delete a bunch of garbage comments and banning those IPs
  2. while doing so, I managed to accidentally delete all the comments, including the two legitimate ones. (oops, oh well!)

So now, to leave a comment, there is a simple captcha that must be completed before it will let you submit the comment.

Turns out, it isn't hard, but isn't easy, either. It wasn't as simple as just slapping in the code used on the Contact form, had to do some tooling in other parts of the comment components, too (yay MVC patterns). But, in the end, I was still able to just "reuse" the captcha component from the Contact form, I just had to make sure the Blog Comment Model, View, and Controller were all on the same page about it, and had to add in stuff to make sure it references the component correctly. If anyone else wants to get it working in Yii, this is where I found how to do it: The one thing he is missing is adding it to the attributeLabels() function in the BlogComment model, but that's not really important. I hope this reduces the amount of spam I get here.

And then... this further lead to me deciding to tweek the site a bit. Updated the index page, updated the About page, and FINALLY fixed the Server Stats page which has been broken for a while (it was still trying to get stats for the old Freenet drive, which no longer exists). In any case, I hope it looks/reads a bit nicer now. After all, it was first written TWO YEARS ago!

Now if only I can find some time to put in the effort to get the Hypervisor running...

posted by brwyatt on October 26, 2012

Well, started on some personal projects (up on GitHub) and some other things... but mostly I wanted to mention a new thing for the comments: IP addresses are now logged. There is a surprising amount of "OMG! GENERATE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!" spam than there should be for this site (given the content, or, rather, the lack of content).

I'll probably just use iptables to manually block these IPs for now, in the future I might make things smarter so they are just blocked from commenting. Probably just need to add captchas to the comment pages... I'd think doing both would be most effective.

posted by brwyatt on April 19, 2012

On Monday, I finally received my first two spam emails on my Tor email account on It is no surprise since that address is publicly listed with the list of Tor nodes from when I ran a Tor Relay (and will again). So, I got to install SpamAssassin and tested it out and it works. This is actually kinda exciting, to be honest, getting my first spam email on my domain. I haven't gotten any spam since, however, which is good, but I really wanted to see it get assassinated by my fancy new spam filters.

On the other side of things, I got an official job offer at work today. Still have all the paperwork to do for it, but it is exciting. It is nice to see life moving forward.