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posted by brwyatt on October 8, 2014

This might be a slight surprise, but I've moved to Seattle (job-related). And while I managed to get my email server moved over onto Amazon EC2 before the move, I didn't have a chance to move my website(s) (including my dad's) over.

However, this has now been completed. I know the sites aren't really that important or anything, but now I feel whole again, and that's what really counts!

Still settling in up here in Seattle (crashing with my parents until I can find my own place, makes things a lot easier), but hopefully I can find time to start working on projects again.

posted by brwyatt on April 22, 2013

Well... My server's primary system drive decided to develop a hugely large number of bad blocks. If you don't know what that is, the short answer is that a large part of the harddrive decided to simply stop working. There was dataloss. There was pain. There was frustration. It was terrible.

BUT! I managed to recover from a backup from 2012-12-20. The majority of important data was all on my RAID5 array, but this does mean that some configs were lost. Fortunately, this largely effects only me.

It looks like my BRGE and BadScience builds are intact (though probably pointed to the wrong repos), but my build for Bitcoin Access is gone. But email, MySQL, etc are all back up... and that's what matters for now. But I guess the rest of that goes on my "TODO" list... again.

On the bright side, I learned something totally awesome you can do with LVM2. PVMOVE. It didn't help in this case (the drive was too far dead and causing the CPU to get locked up with IOWaits), but holycrap. The whole concept of "oh, yeah, we can just copy all this data to another drive, sync them up, then stop using the old one and effectively move the partition to another drive" is just incredible. I love learning all the impossible things you can do on Linux that you just simply CAN'T do on Windows or OSX.

But anyway... I should probably get some sleep before REAL work tomorrow. But if anyone was wondering where the hell my server was this weekend... that should answer it.

posted by brwyatt on June 16, 2012

First things first, Minecraft has been moved onto it's own server. It can still be accessed the same way and all traffic still goes through my main server. But now, it has a full 8GB of RAM to itself and a dualcore CPU. Things appear to be running MUCH smoother now, though! In addition, everything Minecraft related on my server(s) will now be at, including the DynMap.

The down side to this, is that running another server costs money in electric costs. The PSU on both my main server and the Minecraft server are 430W, which means they could both end up costing me about $26/month (EACH!) to run 24/7. Fortunately, neither should be taking that much power, and are probably consuming more in the 200-300W range. Do the math, that is still a bit of a cost to me.

In addition, the migration of the server took maybe... 6 hours total of me moving things over, testing it, figuring out and setting up the IPTables rules to forward traffic from my server, copying over the data and bringing it live. It took parts of two of my evenings. Lets say I'm worth about... $16/hour. So that change cost ~$96 worth of my time. Note that I'm not including installing Debian on that server, physically setting it up, wiring it up, setting up static DHCP, setting up DNS internally and externally, the additional switch migration from a DLink DGS-2208 to a Cisco SF302-08, which also required setting up it's own static DHCP and internal DNS. But, I personally got a lot out of both of these moves, as this frees up resources on my server that were being eaten by Minecraft. Fortunately, the Cisco switch was free.

Additionally, if you Minecraft folks need a faster CPU, it looks like a quad-core 2.6GHz CPU for that motherboard is going to cost about $150. And that is something I am NOT paying for. I'll help pay for it, but at least 75% has to come from y'all.

Additionally, I have 25/25Mbps FiOS. Business class with a static IP. This probably helps me more than y'all, to be fair, but the extra bandwidth means y'all won't be as effected if I decide to stream an HD movie, and won't suffer from minor outages because my IP changed and my DNS hasn't been updated to reflect that change. This is costing me $105/month, with $15 of that being from getting the business version.

So here is the final total:

  • Electricity for $18/month (best guess)
  • Electricity for $18/month (best guess)
  • Migrating to a new Minecraft server: ~$96 (possibly up to $140)
  • 25/25 Internet: $105/month ($15 for static IP and contractual rights to run servers on it)

I could also go into how both my domain names cost me $12/year each... but I'm pretty sure that that mostly benefits me anyway. And then the added costs of cooling.... But I won't. I mostly just want people to understand what goes into running something like this, even something so small and simple. It does cost money, even if you aren't paying for it.

posted by brwyatt on June 12, 2012

Internet install was quicker than expected! Took less than an hour. Compared to normal residential installs (Since I'm technically a business customer): he came in, mounted the FiOS modem, plugged in my server, I told him it works, he showed me the modem (since I'm not getting their router, he walked me through verifying the problem is on their end since they can't support my side of the modem), we shook hands, he left and called back a few hours later to verify things were still working. He never even touched a keyboard or looked at my screen. Maybe it was because my router was a full computer with two NICs and had a big "DEBIAN" sticker on the side... but why can't residential installs be like that too?

Anyway! Everything on my server should be up now (MySQL, Apache2, Postfix/Dovecot (email), Minecraft, Freenet, Tor (relay!), and I2P. This server does way too much, and I'm considering moving some things off onto another box I have, but I'd like to see my first power bill first before I add any more things to the grid.

I should also note that I also have a static IP! is mine. It will only change if I decide to leave Verizon, move to a different circuit, or buy a whole block of IPs (they give them out in consecutive blocks, so I might have to give that one up for a consecutive block). So this should help with finding me with DNS... my IP won't change often, at least not for a long while. I'm also talking to Verizon to get my reverse-DNS setup (so when you lookup my IP address it tells you it is, this is helpful for email servers) and I'm going to continue using JangoSMTP (great service by the way!) until it is setup.

I'm still mostly unpacking and settling in after the move on Saturday. Got my dresser and nightstand built, and I think that is all for furniture till the couch arrives. Still have to unpack a bunch and organize... but that will take time and is an adjustment. It is really kinda cool to look around me and say "all this is mine". Sure I'm technically renting the apartment... but the stuff in it is undeniably mine, and I am paying the rent... so... that is kinda cool... to me, anyway.

I have found the place for my server (and any future equipment). Since I don't have a washer or dryer... I've got it right where the washer would be. And when I get a server rack... it even has a 250v plug. It will take a converter to work... but... it will do. Granted a rack and the stuff to fill it is just under a third of my salary... but... If I stay here long enough it might just get used.

Still have some cleaning of the apartment to do as well, and my mom wants/needs me to clean out my old room as well, which is fair.

... I am not looking forward to bills...