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posted by brwyatt on October 8, 2014

This might be a slight surprise, but I've moved to Seattle (job-related). And while I managed to get my email server moved over onto Amazon EC2 before the move, I didn't have a chance to move my website(s) (including my dad's) over.

However, this has now been completed. I know the sites aren't really that important or anything, but now I feel whole again, and that's what really counts!

Still settling in up here in Seattle (crashing with my parents until I can find my own place, makes things a lot easier), but hopefully I can find time to start working on projects again.

posted by brwyatt on June 12, 2012

Internet install was quicker than expected! Took less than an hour. Compared to normal residential installs (Since I'm technically a business customer): he came in, mounted the FiOS modem, plugged in my server, I told him it works, he showed me the modem (since I'm not getting their router, he walked me through verifying the problem is on their end since they can't support my side of the modem), we shook hands, he left and called back a few hours later to verify things were still working. He never even touched a keyboard or looked at my screen. Maybe it was because my router was a full computer with two NICs and had a big "DEBIAN" sticker on the side... but why can't residential installs be like that too?

Anyway! Everything on my server should be up now (MySQL, Apache2, Postfix/Dovecot (email), Minecraft, Freenet, Tor (relay!), and I2P. This server does way too much, and I'm considering moving some things off onto another box I have, but I'd like to see my first power bill first before I add any more things to the grid.

I should also note that I also have a static IP! is mine. It will only change if I decide to leave Verizon, move to a different circuit, or buy a whole block of IPs (they give them out in consecutive blocks, so I might have to give that one up for a consecutive block). So this should help with finding me with DNS... my IP won't change often, at least not for a long while. I'm also talking to Verizon to get my reverse-DNS setup (so when you lookup my IP address it tells you it is, this is helpful for email servers) and I'm going to continue using JangoSMTP (great service by the way!) until it is setup.

I'm still mostly unpacking and settling in after the move on Saturday. Got my dresser and nightstand built, and I think that is all for furniture till the couch arrives. Still have to unpack a bunch and organize... but that will take time and is an adjustment. It is really kinda cool to look around me and say "all this is mine". Sure I'm technically renting the apartment... but the stuff in it is undeniably mine, and I am paying the rent... so... that is kinda cool... to me, anyway.

I have found the place for my server (and any future equipment). Since I don't have a washer or dryer... I've got it right where the washer would be. And when I get a server rack... it even has a 250v plug. It will take a converter to work... but... it will do. Granted a rack and the stuff to fill it is just under a third of my salary... but... If I stay here long enough it might just get used.

Still have some cleaning of the apartment to do as well, and my mom wants/needs me to clean out my old room as well, which is fair.

... I am not looking forward to bills...

posted by brwyatt on June 9, 2012

I keep forgetting I have this blog to write my thoughts and ramblings for the world to see (and for spammers to try and spam the comments, apparently...(And FAIL MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA)).

So... Tomorrow (well, I guess today...) I'm moving out of my parent's place and into my own place. It isn't too far, but it is exciting and scary. Still kinda working on packing, though at this point, much of this can just be carried by hand, but I want to make it a little easier on me. I should also probably note that this is all possible because I'm now a FULL TIME, SALARIED employee at work! That, in itself is pretty exciting too... I mentioned it before when I got to sign the paperwork, but now the paychecks are comming in from what was an offer, but is now an official position.

As far as the moving goes, I'll be without my own Internet until sometime Monday when it gets installed. I'll be leaving my server here, though, so there won't be downtime till probably Sunday night, lasting until whenever on Monday when the Internet is hooked up. I'm paying for 25/25 BUSINESS Internet with a static IP address (

So that should be fun and exciting... probably should get some sleep or get some more stuff packed...

posted by brwyatt on February 13, 2012

To get the boring stuff out of the way, I've updated the homepage text and the about page text to have some amount of better information on it, but haven't done anything more than that. Should probably have the most recent blog post showing on the home page, though... Maybe next update...

But, on a more important/personal note... I've been looking at apartments lately. Parents have pretty much said that I need to move out and have given June as the general time that it will be done. This isn't entirely a bad thing, and I suppose I kinda needed that push. I just need to secure things down at work and get that all settled. But I think I have a place all picked out, it is nice, simple, and they offer Verizon FiOS for Internet access, so I can still have super fast Internet at the new place.

So things are looking up, and I'm moving on and at the edge of starting MY LIFE. I have a job doing things I'm interested in (even though it can be stressful at times, but that isn't always a bad thing), I'm preparing to move out to my own place, and it is looking like school is no longer an issue or source of stress in my life. I realized yesterday that this has been the moment I've been waiting for, things have been coming together and I just have to take a couple more steps to get to the edge, but it is right there, within my reach, and it is exciting. Scary, sure... but exciting. I mean, I'm not thrilled about paying bills, but there is something to be said about manaing your own life, even if it means you have to deal with the shitty things like taxes and bills. So, in a way, I'm even excited about paying bills, because it will be MY electricity, MY water, MY Internet, MY phone, MY car.

Like I said: scary, but exciting.