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posted by brwyatt on January 14, 2012

Yeah, yeah... another one...

This was just a quick one I wanted to get out there because it was one of the features I used a LOT on my old version of the site: The link shortener. Sure it ain't as short as links, but it is a LOT shorter than some of those huge and ugly long links some sites have.

So going to the Link Shortener item above takes you to a page that can generate a link to just about anything you want, and puts it in the form of or for safe links (which is the default) I don't have it showing the titles yet on the preview page, but this is fine for now.

If you want to use this link shortener from scripts (such as from an IRC or chat client) sending a URL to will give you back the id to put as the id for the link (where the '1' is in the examples above) so you can choose if you wish to use safe links or not, http or https (or even .com or .net!), etc. Just remember to escape the ampersand (&) by encoding it to %26! All other characters should work fine, but it never hurts to escape other characters too!

So I think that is all for now. I want to work on accounts next, make account classes, open up registration, tie Jabber into the account management here as well... we shall see, though!