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posted by brwyatt on January 25, 2012

... except me!

I have now implemented User Roles! So what the hell does that mean? This is part of my plans to eventually have open registration, possibly to require registration (and email verification) for comments (to prevent spam). This is just the first step toward that goal. I will still need to implement registration pages, and possibly the email-verification mechanism (at the very least implement this so I can enable it later if needed), and then implement requiring an account to post comments (and possibly the ability to turn that on/off in the site config).

Other reasons why I want to have open registration: Jabber. While I've been having problems getting ejabberd to authenticate against the site's MySQL database, I still plan to get that going, and I want people to be able to use it. It seems that ejabberd's external authentication is... somewhat awkward. Instead of calling a script when authentication is needed, it requires the script to sit in an infinite loop and accept input via stdin. I had something that was working for a little while (except that it would crash after a few hours, and the server would reject incoming connections), but in trying to fix that, the script doesn't work at all anymore.

I also (unrelated to logins) want to get the server stats to be a little prettier, and include graphs for things like bandwidth and CPU load. This is more for my benefit, or anyone crazy enough to care.(But, I mean, I did just reach 5TiB of uploaded data to the Internet over 7 months, that's cool, right? RIGHT?). I'm not sure how I will accomplish this task, I might end up running a script (or application?) as a service on my server, but we will see.

Hopefully, I'll get more work done on this site to benefit others at some point...


Added in some basic page hit logging. Should be able to gather useful statistics about what browsers are used, and what pages are accessed, and when. While it isn't so important now while no one really uses my site, it should be useful later. Should be able to generate some interesting statistics with the data later on. Just something I threw together in a few minutes.

posted by brwyatt on January 23, 2012

Not that I really have much to say on a regular basis, but I can try!

Regarding my previous post, things have calmed down quite a bit; and besides that one incident at home, the rest of the week really was quite amazing. Work really was a lot of fun, I was really in my element this week, doing server maintainance/setup/configuration type stuff, the things I tend to do on my own for fun at home.

Then, Thursday night, I finally got Linux working on my laptop! Had to manually fix the graphics and install the Catalyst 11.11 drivers manually, but other than that everything else "just worked". That is, until one of the updates managed to break Bluetooth, so I've got to use a wired mouse until another update fixes it. (which there will be at some point).

As far as the site goes, I haven't really worked much on any of the technical stuff lately, with exception to getting my Jabber server to work with the MySQL database to have the site and Jabber share logins. I still have to get user "levels" setup so that I can open registrations to others. Been having some issues using external auth with ejabberd, but I hope I'll figgure it out. If anyone has anything they would like to see on this site, leave a comment, I'd love to hear any suggestions anyone might have!