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posted by brwyatt on June 16, 2012

First things first, Minecraft has been moved onto it's own server. It can still be accessed the same way and all traffic still goes through my main server. But now, it has a full 8GB of RAM to itself and a dualcore CPU. Things appear to be running MUCH smoother now, though! In addition, everything Minecraft related on my server(s) will now be at, including the DynMap.

The down side to this, is that running another server costs money in electric costs. The PSU on both my main server and the Minecraft server are 430W, which means they could both end up costing me about $26/month (EACH!) to run 24/7. Fortunately, neither should be taking that much power, and are probably consuming more in the 200-300W range. Do the math, that is still a bit of a cost to me.

In addition, the migration of the server took maybe... 6 hours total of me moving things over, testing it, figuring out and setting up the IPTables rules to forward traffic from my server, copying over the data and bringing it live. It took parts of two of my evenings. Lets say I'm worth about... $16/hour. So that change cost ~$96 worth of my time. Note that I'm not including installing Debian on that server, physically setting it up, wiring it up, setting up static DHCP, setting up DNS internally and externally, the additional switch migration from a DLink DGS-2208 to a Cisco SF302-08, which also required setting up it's own static DHCP and internal DNS. But, I personally got a lot out of both of these moves, as this frees up resources on my server that were being eaten by Minecraft. Fortunately, the Cisco switch was free.

Additionally, if you Minecraft folks need a faster CPU, it looks like a quad-core 2.6GHz CPU for that motherboard is going to cost about $150. And that is something I am NOT paying for. I'll help pay for it, but at least 75% has to come from y'all.

Additionally, I have 25/25Mbps FiOS. Business class with a static IP. This probably helps me more than y'all, to be fair, but the extra bandwidth means y'all won't be as effected if I decide to stream an HD movie, and won't suffer from minor outages because my IP changed and my DNS hasn't been updated to reflect that change. This is costing me $105/month, with $15 of that being from getting the business version.

So here is the final total:

  • Electricity for $18/month (best guess)
  • Electricity for $18/month (best guess)
  • Migrating to a new Minecraft server: ~$96 (possibly up to $140)
  • 25/25 Internet: $105/month ($15 for static IP and contractual rights to run servers on it)

I could also go into how both my domain names cost me $12/year each... but I'm pretty sure that that mostly benefits me anyway. And then the added costs of cooling.... But I won't. I mostly just want people to understand what goes into running something like this, even something so small and simple. It does cost money, even if you aren't paying for it.